About Fletching and Nock

About Fletching & Nock

Created by designer Emma Williams, Fletching & Nock is a contemporary jewellery brand based on a theme: the Arrow. Anyone with experience in archery would recognise the inspiration in the name: fletching is the collection of feathers or darts at the end of an arrow, and the nock is the notch into which the bowstring fits. All the pieces take inspiration from this basic form, but in an abstract, geometric style.

Quality, long-lasting materials are a basic standard, as is using environmentally friendly products. The jewellery boxes used are recyclable and made from 100% recycled materials, and any promotional print work is on paper sourced from sustainable supplies. The laser cut walnut used also comes from a sustainable source.

Fletching & Nock is partnered with sister site Enclosed Spaces, selling hand pulled screen prints. View the collection over at the website.